We Are Family

- Oct 11, 2016-

Last month , i left Beijing for ShenZhen to find a new job . After comparison , i finally chose AMEEC SHENZHEN Technology Co., Ltd  company . The factory produces power banks ,USB data cables , earphone and car jump starter etc .After a short time of getting along with workmates , i fall in love with here .every one is friendly and helpful ,you can see smile and laughter often . Our boss said that your task not only do good work ,but also eat well and enjoy yourself. I love our company ,cause of we have a bright office , lots of flowers ,good working environment ,also our bosses are easy-going . When some one get a big business , our boss will treat us with delicious food. When it is 4:00 pm , we begin to play a game or some one sings or dances , the most happy thing is to eat food and fruits . I feel very happy and luckily that i entrance AMEEC . I’m here for my own home , we are family not only workmates .


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