We Already Built Warehouse In Middle Of USA

- Dec 27, 2016-

I would like to share a good news with you,last week we successfully built our own warehouse in middle of USA together with a local distributor,who is selling 18650 li ion battery/portable power banks/diy power bank case for many years.All details were negotiated well.Once we return from Chinese New Year,we will visit USA and sign the contract,then we will ship all products to warehouse,include our Aliexpress power bank case box,Alibaba 18650 lithium ion battery/power bank chargers/earphone,Groupon products.If you are sellers in USA,you can directly purchase in local instead of China manufacturers or resellers,the price will be cheaper,the most important thing is that we can deliver at the soonest,so advantage is so obvious.We are still looking for strong and professional distributors in west and east of USA,any insterest to enlarge your business,just contact us via email,we will send you form to apply.

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