Waterproof Solar Panel Charger

- Mar 08, 2017-

A new Greece client ordered 8W 16W waterproof solar energy chargers for testing. This client is very decisive about his demand. We just discussed about the product within half an hour. After I gave him offer about the portable waterproof solar power bank charger and shipping cost, he didn’t have any hesitation, paid immediately via Paypal. So we were happy to make this sample order even it is small business. I trust our solar power bank waterproof and we can establish long-term relationship near future. Lator we also talked via WhatsApp. He told me that he would come to China on 16th April. And I sincerely invited him to visit our factory. He said that he will call me when he comes to time at that time. 

Waterproof solar  charger-8w-1.jpg

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