Unforgettable Mid–Autumn Festival And Father's Birthday

- Sep 21, 2016-

Last week, our company had a holiday. I left Shenzhen to Dong Guan . Not only because of The Mid -Autumn festival , but also that day is my father’s birthday .So I call  my brothers to inform  them of my father’s birthday .we decided to go to bus station together .when I intend to close the door , I noticed that my mobile phone was low battery. So I put my power bank into my black handbag. I  like this power bank from Ameec,it is light and small .When we arrived at DongGuan , I bought a cake as a gift .My mother prepared delicious food for us . It is the first time I bought a cake for my father ,so he was very happy, and we celebrated an unforgettable Mid –Autumn Festival.

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