- Jan 13, 2017-

The day before yesterday I and my colleague Elsa attended a training from Egypt teacher Mr Mark,who already changed nationality to Chinese and has been living in Guangzhou for years.He can speak various kinds of languages,like English/Chinese/Egyptian...He is so professional/clever/confident/funny/hard working,always work until am 3:00.That day we learnt how to operate well RFQ,to search clients who inquiry about our products (18650 li-ion battery,lithium polymer battery,portable power bank,18650 diy power bank case...) how to write a good email to introduce our factory,how to follow customers if he did not reply you.A totally different idea,I am so agree with his.If I were the buyer,I will choose his company as our supplier,no matter if his is a trading company or factory."Never too late to learn",or you will stop improving!!!


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