The Tips About Charging With Mobile Phone Power Banks

- Jan 09, 2017-

Would you like to know some tips for using power banks correctly?

  1. When mobile phones or laptops shows 20% low battery,we should charge with power banks.Someboby will charge with power banks until the mobile phone is out of power,it's harmful for life of battery.Now mobile phones always use lithium battery,it has memory function.

  2. Ensure power banks has enough power:Before power banks are out of power,we should charge for it ahead of time,Tthen the lifetime of power banks will be longer.

  3. Select the correct output to charge for mobile phones:Now there are many fast charging an dual usb power banks,like 5V 2A or 5V 2.1A,not all mobile phones are suitable to use fast charging output,so we should choose the correct one.

  4. Lithium battery stores for long time,the power should be around 40%.Full battery is not suitable for both mobile phones and power banks.

  5. Use good quality charging cable for power banks,it's also very important.

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