The First Lead-acid Battery Industry Alliance Of Environmental Protection Industry Is Expected To Bring A Model

- Nov 10, 2015-


China's first lead-acid battery Environmental Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Union") on the 12th was officially established in Shanghai. The Alliance is committed to building cross-sectoral, inter-regional distribution of lead-acid battery recycling innovation system is an attempt to develop the industry, industry sources said if the industry is expected to develop a good model of development.


Lead-acid battery recycling resources are being caused by the industry's attention, National People's Congress, party secretary and general manager (600482.SH) chairman Liu Baosheng Sailing shares in motion two sessions this year have related, he proposed based networking technology, build lead-acid battery recycling system resources. Sailing shares has also been driven by the performance of the Alliance, it has risen for three consecutive days from the 12th.


According to the great wisdom of financial terminal display, sailing shares since March 27 continued to decline to reach a high point after 12.41 yuan / share, as of May 9 to close 9.48 yuan / share, the cumulative decline of 23.6%. Has been rising continuously since the 12th three days, as of 14 am closing, reported 10 yuan / share, up 1.21%.


Fu Bao information analyst Wu Feng said with the current difficulties in the waste industry chain is the result of corporate homogenization of competition, and recovery system is imperfect, there are a lot of illegal disposal. It is reported that the Alliance launched at the beginning of the Shanghai Municipal Government has invited to participate, hoping to get the privilege of recycling waste batteries, but did not pass.


Wu phase Feng said that the current coalition set up, in the form of corporate self-regulation to be, in fact, the Union now is to build a recycling and trading center, although there are industry associations involved, but the lack of government support for the impact of the alliance on the industry might be compromised.


Currently, Shanghai lawful recovery of waste lead-acid batteries less than 10%, most of them are operating illegally, according to the league president Zhangmin Xiang expressed the hope that within three years and strive to achieve the legitimate recovery of waste lead-acid batteries for more than 80 percent, lead-acid battery recycling and the overall level of utilization, promote the construction of a complete industrial chain and lead-acid batteries in China mature healthy market system.


Henan Province recently by the Department of Industry in conjunction with relevant provincial departments to draw up the "Henan to promote lead-acid batteries and secondary lead industry standardize the development of the program of work" has been issued, the program proposes to take strict access and many other initiatives, in 2015 to promote waste lead-acid battery recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of 90%, lead recycling accounted for more than 50%.


In the lead-acid battery recycling Shanghai has made this attempt is expected to bring a model elsewhere in the country. Analysts said, with the exploration of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Alliance of lead-acid batteries, used lead-acid batteries are recycled or will usher in a new development.

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