The Advantages Of DIY Power Banks

- Feb 06, 2017-

Would you like to know the advantages of DIY power banks?

Now more and more people prefer to assemble power banks by themselves.The reasons are:

  1. Some unreliable factories produce power banks with fake capacity to lower cost and increase their competition in market,so our power bank cases are so popular,clients just need to buy power bank case from us,then insert 18650 battery in power bank case,then successfully finish a power bank;

  2. DIY power bank is cheaper;

  3. Some darkminded factories do one time business intead of long term,so they use lower quality materials,the quality of DIY power bank is easier to be controlled;

Call us,if you have inquiry about DIY power banks,we can provide good quality 18650 li ion battery and power bank case for you to assemble!

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