Shenzhen Is Raining Now

- Apr 14, 2017-

Recently , Shenzhen was very hot . The temperature has reached 28° 。It means that Summer is coming in Shenzhen . There are many beautiful girls  began to wear dress . why there are a lot of girls like wearing dress ? I think it maybe because of Summer is too hot , so girls must need wear a short dress to make them fell more cool. The most important reason is that wearing dress will make girls look more sexy and beautiful . I also like wearing dress very much , I have kinds of dress. But it seems that even wearing  a dress we still fee very hot in Shenzhen . since the temperature is too high for us . so I sincerely hope it rains soon to make me feel more cooler . Today , Shenzhen finally rain . It more cool now ,I think it will be a enjoy thing if I can take a umbrella in the rain and listing music while walking .of course , I need a good power bank and good headset .

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