Returned To Work From Training

- Nov 28, 2016-

Yesterday we finished our training.It's really so interesting and helpful,gives us so much new idea about promoting our power banks/18650 battery/li polymer battery/car jump starters...both on our Alibaba and Aliexpress.In the following days,I will spend one week to clear all knowledge first,then practice online,I trust there will be improving much one month lator if we get the right point of teachers.At the ending,every group need play a performance.Our group chose some funny dances,bought onion as our prop.Actually it's very very difficult for us,since we are not good at dancing,we just have 1 hour to rehearsal.To me-a bad memory girl,it is so challenging.Finally,we danced confusedly,but we ranked NO.1,most people thought we tried our best to do that,result is not the most important point.Just as some of our customers,they trust price is not only the key factor in business,differentiation is even more important than price,I totally agree with it,if you do not want to invove the war of fighting price,and would like to do long-term business.Your idea?

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