Rete Issue

- Nov 18, 2016-

After the American Presidential Election, the rate is not so stable, rapidly increased to 6.85 from 6.6 just a few days, it’s rare phenomenon, this is the highest rate from 2009. I am wondering if Hillary won instead of Trump, what will be happening? As we know, their view of politics is different. USA is the biggest export of country for China, in return, China is also very important for USA. Before Trump assumes, I trust China government will find a good solution to change this situation, our power is also strong, even RMB cannot control currency, the population is very huge, and China is growing fast.

3 of our clients paid for power banks orders last night, I think they are very smart, since the rate will still increase a lot. To avoid being out of stocks in Christmas Holidays, every businessman should buy ahead of time, save much cost. Just a warm remind, hope it can help you.

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