Remote Control Exploded Lead Battery Safety Knowledge

- Nov 10, 2015-


"The home remote control suddenly exploded, shocked us old married couple!" Recently, the reporter received Ponceau Road Jianxi District live in the 7th House of calls segment lady, her home for many years of TV remote control It exploded, so she and her husband children baffled.


He was sleeping nap parlor a flop


One afternoon a few days ago, Miss Duan and his wife children as usual siesta in the bedroom. Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the living room, the two nearly 80-year-old shocked.


"The voice fell to the ground like a glass when the sound of shattering." Ms. Mr. Choi recalled paragraph wife children, one heard the noise, he immediately to the living room to view, but did not find any abnormalities. 19:00 When the TV, Mr. Cai discovered that the front of the TV remote control, "Zhang of the mouth", which coil stretched out, the gadget on the desktop there are several in the remote control.


Mr Choi realized that, in the afternoon in the living room should be sound loud explosion sent the TV remote control.

In Mr. Cai home, we see an explosion of black remote control in the bottom section of the 7th battery has been blown empty, revealing a black substance inside the battery, the battery at the bottom of a small circle also some deformation. (Above)

"The weather was not very hot, less than 30 ℃, TV at home did not open, why the sudden explosion of the remote control?" Speaking of the matter, old couple wondered.


Reporters learned that Mr. Cai home TV was bought in 2002, is the original remote control; 10 years, TV image color problem because once repaired.


Remote control explosion, possibly caused by improper use of the battery


In this regard, a television engineer customer service center Mr. Wang said, the remote control does not have the energy, does not explode under normal circumstances. Some regular manufacturers of TV remote control, even if the user carelessly its internal battery positive and negative anti-loaded, it will not easily explode because the remote control security design itself.

Mr. Wang believes that improper use of the remote control battery should be the main cause of its explosion. He said that following the incorrect use of batteries, the remote control may cause an explosion.


  1. The two kinds of batteries. Which normally takes place in the remote control two batteries, carbon batteries and alkaline batteries together, or new batteries with old batteries simultaneously, can cause an explosion.


2. Use the epidermis damaged cells. Skin damaged battery in the use is likely to cause the positive and negative short-circuit, the battery current is increased, causing the battery explosion fever.


3. The use of poor quality or counterfeit batteries.


4. Battery quick bite battery when no power with his teeth and continue to use. After the teeth of the battery may make the battery continue to work for some time, but doing so could undermine the epidermal cell insulating material, resulting in severe heat and cause adverse effects during use.


Mr. Wang to remind the user, the TV remote control is best not to use rechargeable batteries, because the battery when the short circuit current is larger than the average cell; if the explosion, the consequences will be more serious. (Reporter Fu Xuan Wen / Chart)


News extension


One day in 2006, Ms. Xu Nanchang home TV remote control exploded for no reason, under remote control half was blown up, the inside of the metal shell distorted, the inner core is completely exposed. Detected by the maintenance staff, remote control and there is no problem, initially determined that the batteries in the remote cause of the explosion.


Reporters in the online search found the TV remote control explosion thing really a lot, and a lot of accidents are caused by the explosion on the remote control, battery caused by poor quality, please people buy related products more carefully.


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