Recently Some Models Of 18650 Battery Is Out Of Stock

- Feb 27, 2017-

Recently, 18650 battery sells very well, we are usually out of stock, why? Let me make an explanation for it: we have many kinds of customers, ex: e-cigarette industry, truck industry, power bank industry, flashlight industry and electronic good. Some of them need single battery, some of them need battery pack, whatever, our batteries are suitable for many industry.

I have to emphasize that I have a India customer who place 3 orders within one month, even though he didn’t get his first and second products, but he trust me very much, so he place the third one, and hope that he can receive all products one time.

Another Bulgaria customer, who is from truck industry, he needs 30 groups battery pack for the first testing order, I am negociating with him, hope I can get her trust and order.

So our battery quality is excellent, at the same time, we have a competitive price than same industry, only you come, I promise to make you satisfaction when you back.

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