Power Banks Market

- Dec 28, 2016-

With the smart phone configuration is getting higher and higher, more and more fierce power consumption, especially as the iPhone can not replace the battery phone, the case of power shortage only by mobile power (also known as rechargeable batteries or external battery ) To emergency, it created the current mobile power market hot. The mobile power for us to facilitate the reality behind it, turned out the mobile power gross margin close to 50%, much higher than the manufacturing cottage phone. This stimulated a lot of small brands and even cottage brands have moved to the mobile power of this emerging field. A short period of time, the market there have been a large number of good and bad quality of the product. More worrying is that the mobile power industry does not have any clear norms and standards, coupled with many consumers in the choice of mobile power, attention is only on the appearance, capacity and price, it is often difficult to understand the status of mobile power inside . Therefore, your mobile power is perhaps a hands may be detonated at any time, "Grenade."

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