Power Banks Exploded, The Building Near My House

- Dec 30, 2016-

Just now my landlady sent me an image, which showed a broken window without glass, because their power bank was exploded. They live in NO 88 building, is so closed to mine NO 74.

Why the power bank chargers will explode? Reasons are: 1.The battery(18650 battery or lithium polymer battery) itself has problem, if you charge for less than 3 times, the portable power bank will 100% explode;

2.There is no protection for PCB board from powerbanks, then there will be short circuit, so mobile phone chargers exploded. Some factories use bad quality board to lower cost, the explosion rate can reach up to 3%, if you bought such kind of mobile phone power banks, really too dangerous. As a reliable and responsible manufacturer, we use power management board to guarantee quality.

In above, be careful to select brand of power bank chargers. Life is precious.

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