Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

- Mar 10, 2017-

Power banks are very popular now ,if some one uses mobile phone , it's necessary for her to buy a good mobile phone power bank charger. Usually ,almost people use ordinary power bank that can charge at home . But in my view, that power bank isn’t convenient sometimes. Since that sometimes you may forget chargeing for your power bank first. When you use urgently,the power bank does not work.If your power bank charger is full of electricity, it only can charge 3-4 times for your mobile phones,so it isn’t practical for someone that far away home . So I would like to recommend our solar panel power bank charger for you reference . You can charge your phone at anytime, anywhere, and you don’t need worry it will have no electricity.Also , you don’t need worry about that it is raining outdoor ,since that it is waterproof solar energy power bank.Waterproof solar panel charger-16w.jpg


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