Please Don’t Use Your Cell Phone When It Is Charging

- Nov 08, 2016-

Last night , i saw an article that reported :”a year girl who lived in Shenzhen , was wounded by her cell phone , because she used the phone while it is charging by power bank  . “this news shocked me ,  I began to worry about myself and the people around me . Since that all of us can’t leave the phone . We always need use cell phone even  it is charging by USB Data Cable or power bank . No one care about if it’s safety for us and cell phone ,because we think that  the event of a mobile phone explosion is rare . But i want to warning everyone include me :”please don’t use your cell phone when it is charging , even if it isn’t blast easily , but when the phone is charging the radiation is the most powerful ,it will cause serious damage to our bodies . Maybe you are not aware of it , because the harm isn’t appear quickly . But with the increase of using the mobile phone , your memory ,vision and reaction rate will be poor . So i sincerely hope that everyone don’t use their mobile phone when it is charging , please take some time with your family and loved ones. 

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