Our Happy Lunchtime

- Sep 26, 2016-

AMEEC is a very united team. We enjoy lunch together everyday. There is a dining-table, each person brings their food, then we share together. Mrs Chen is good at cooking, her cold dish is even more delicious than restaurant. Soft pig’s feet are cooked by our boss Mrs Xiao. Elsa likes vegetables, her skin is white. I don’t like cooking, the food I made is even so unsavoury, and I hate lampblack. Until now I am the only person who call takeout everyday.

I feel what we eat everyday is not important, the important thing is our friendship is good, it’s relaxed and cheerful to work in AMEEC. So I trust it’s also key for our customs, they feel comfortable to cooperate with us, a healthy company. We will follow up their orders carefully and responsibly, and solve all your problems from power banks/car jump starters…Right?


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