New Power Banks Customer

- Dec 01, 2016-

I am Alice, this week, I established business relationship with a Germany customer.He is rigorous man, purchasing several smart power bank and wireless chargers, we talked product details approaching 1 month, I deal with all questions on by one through list the 1,2,3,4 etc. He looks like a busy man, we often miss each other cause of the time difference, even I add my working time to 10:00p.m, he still has no time to talk with me, so I just check his massages on the second day.

Maybe my careful attitudes touched him, when my colleague add his whatsapp with a wrong way, he inform me right away. And he told my colleague directly: I would like to contact Alice only and that fine, I dont want anybody else write to me! This is the first time I was moved by a customer.Thank you very much, for this trust, I must give my best service to you, trying my best to meet your needs, may all good things be with you.

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