New Iceland Customer Bought 18650 Li-ion Batteries

- Mar 04, 2017-

Last night our new Iceland customer placed the first order and paid via Paypal, which include 3000mah 18650 battery brown, 1200mah 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery, 5000mah 18650 battery pack and 10000mah 18650 battery pack for flashlights. This is a very professional sellers, not only sells all brands of 18650 cell li ion, but also install 18650 battery for his ebike and flashlights. And we like his website very much, who enter his website, it’s easy for us to know what he sells and will be attracted. I feel sometimes we not only sell battery, but also should learn from customers, they are really serious-minded.

 18650 Li-ion battery-28.JPG




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