New “meeting” For Bosses

- Dec 01, 2016-

Since I joined into Ameec (battery and power bank factory) in Shenzhen) team, as a operation manager for 3 months, I knew many bosses through some training. I have a new idea about a boss, they are so much different as I met before. Everyone is so hard working, no weekend and holidays, because that time they are attending all kinds of training to improve. They are modesty, even they already make much money and gain good reputation. They are not stingy to share information with others and learn from teachers/bosses/even ordinary staff…The most awesome thing is they are so kind to their employee, care about their life. When we trained in Shenzhen, Boss Wang even bought many delicious snacks for his manager, because he was worried about her diet outside. It’s small things maybe to others, while for me, I thing such kind of boss is worthy for us to follow all my lifetime.

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