My Worry About Chinese Children Education

- Dec 22, 2016-

I have a boy,who is 6 years old next year,now he is studying in kindergarten at my hometown Zhuzhou Hunan province.My month looks after of him and my niece,while I am working in Shenzhen.Zhuzhou is very far from Shenzhen,so each year I will just see my son only third time,add up to around 30 days.It's really so harmful for children.But the housing price in Shenzhen is too high,and we are not local persons,so education is not easy for us to solve.So that's the reason why I want to make more money,I really hope my son will stay with me,I can see him everyday.The girls in my sales team are quite,they did not get married.I do hope now they can sell more power bank chargers,more battery,more car jump starters...then no burden in near future.

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