My Teammates

- Oct 13, 2016-

Ameec is a big family, we love each other, believe each other. In here, we are not only colleague relationship,sell power banks together,but also good friends. Most of my colleagues are very good at cooking. So every lunch time,you can see much food on the table,cooked by theirselves.

Today I’d like to introduce my teammates:

Cassie Deng, a beautiful woman, she is our trade manager, no matter when we have questions, she will reply us soon.

Alice Wang, a lively girl, she likes singing. If she has a microphone, I think she can sing to the end of the world.

Elsa Zeng is gentle and quiet. She is always very careful.

Julia Lee comes from Jiangxi Province. She likes spicy food so much. In her view, no chili, no happiness.

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