My Old Partner Bought F103 12000mah High Capacity Power Banks

- Jan 16, 2017-

A customer from Malaysia found me in Wechat,who bought cutting plotter machine from me in last company,he knew I left the last company and now work as manager in AMEEC,and we produce different kinds of mobile phone power banks,this time he bought F103 12000mah high capacity power banks.Since he prefers to work with acquaintance and before he said I gave him lots of support,I taught him how to operate vicsign vinyl cutter step by step,even he just bought one pc for himself using.In my mind,sometimes foreigners care much about a company or a sales service when they select supplier,they like to cooperate with old partner,even they don't produce the products they are looking for,or their products have no advantage in price.The only reason is that the customers trust the supplier,they feel more comfortable and reliable when cooperating with the supplier.

Let's improve our service and cherish the cooperation with all old partners!

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