My Friends In Junior High School Came

- Oct 23, 2016-

Last night my friends in junior high school came,this is our first time to meet,though we all work in Shenzhen for years,every time we planed to meet,all failed because of different situation.I took them around,and drank some tea,then we decided to have supper.We drove to find a good place,which can eat barbecue,most people like it,while I never eat barbecue before,since I always think it's junk food,it's harmful for health.We talked a lot of funny stories happened in our junjor school,just I forgot,they remembered very clearly.One of my friend's mobile phone was out of power,it's lucky that I took a mini power bank with 8000mAh capacity.We talked until 4 o'clock.Looking forward to meeting next time.

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