My Favorite Thing Is Listening Music While Walking

- Oct 21, 2016-

It’s is raining heavily all the day. Many girls like raining very much ,so do I. My favorite thing is listening music while walking . I think this is really a romantic and enjoyable thing . But first you should have a good headset and good mobile phone .I have a good headset ,it is a birthday gift from our company . Its sound quality is really good . I like it very much . Our manger said :”once you get an inquiry and get the order , i will send you a red packet as reward, also you can choose whatever you want . “this week , i had got an order from my customer . Now , I’d like to get a power bank rather than red packet .On one hand ,I broke my power bank ,so I should get a new power bank ,on the other hand , I do think our company’s power bank is beautiful and portable . I like the mushroom power bank best . Sincerely hope I can get one.

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