Mobile Phone Battery Safety Problems Of "too Full To Eat"

- Nov 01, 2015-


Recently, Quanzhou together with Samsung charging sudden explosion of events cause for concern, the customer service brand, "he said the night to start charging, unplug the power to the next day." This time the behavior of lithium batteries for mobile phones, will affect the battery safe life.


Reporters yesterday conducted this survey found that many people are used to charge the phone charging all night, in addition, while charging the phone call or play games, use a different brand of charger for the cell phone charger and other bad habits charging equally common, industry insiders He said that these acts will result in loss of battery, affecting the safe use.


Events -


Quanzhou explosion while charging a user's mobile phone


Not long ago, this newspaper has reported, it has not been "3C" certification of mobile phone chargers there are significant security risks. Even with regular mobile phone charger, but if the improper charging, there are also a threat to the safe use of mobile phone batteries.


May 22, media reports, Quanzhou, a user of a Samsung mobile phone while it is charging, suddenly exploded, but fortunately his timely escape, but quilts and pillows and it would burn up. The brand customer service staff to remind the current security market, a number of uses for the cell phone lithium battery charge and discharge about 500 times. After charging is completed, be sure to disconnect the power in time. "Some people start charging at night, the next day before unplugging the power" of such a long time behavior of lithium batteries for mobile phones, will affect the safety of the life of the battery.


Survey -


70% of respondents said they often charge overnight charge


Improper charging of mobile phone habits may cause security risks, the public whether there is enough of this vigilance it? Reporters yesterday the city 70 randomly selected mobile phone users surveyed.


Mobile phone users surveyed, although 80 percent of respondents were on the phone talking on the phone while charging security risks that may arise understand, but while charging while playing mobile applications vigilance not so high, 3 percent of respondents said often when charging the phone using a mobile phone or the Internet to play games, in 20 to 30-year-old younger age groups, the proportion of up to 4 percent. "I know when you can not charge the phone, playing games should not matter, right?" Respondents, many people's ideas are and the 26-year-old Miss Yang, like that than to call when the phone is charging play applications the software will not have an impact battery.


Long on while charging, 70 mobile phone users surveyed, nearly 9 in Chengdu said they had to charge their cell phones charged all night, 49 people often do. "I usually charge in the evening, the morning unplug the charger. This is more convenient Well, anyway, fully charged mobile phone will automatically stop charging up." In the respondents, whether young or the elderly, mostly that cell phones will not have the long-term safety of the battery charging time using the threat.


In addition, more than half of the respondents had not mix different brands charger to charge the phone, 27-year-old Miss Liu family is particularly typical: "Our family three people have four mobile phones, except in addition 2 Tablet PC, light charger there are six, usually we have mixed use, as long as the interface to be able to get on the line. "


Reminder -


To charge the phone, "Eat small meals" instead of "overeating"


What kind of impact would be bad habit of charging the phone battery causing this? Reporter consulted a senior member of the city in a brand mobile phone repair phone after-sales maintenance point Master Lin. "Whether it is called during charging, or playing application software, are the same." It said that despite regular mobile phone batteries have a protection circuit design, but charging while playing side, will make a great amount of electrical activity, making phone, battery, charger all big load operation, that way it will affect the protection circuit.


Second, long-term cell phone batteries can not overcharge, "mobile phone batteries also have overcharge protection circuit design, that is, after the completion of charging will automatically terminate the charging process, but the battery will also start the process of self-discharge, resulting in decrease in power consumption. Charge drops to a certain amplitude and then start charging again, constantly discharging and recharging cycle. long at high pressure, the battery will cause side effects, not only shorten the battery life, but also a security risk. "


Mix charger also affects the safe use of mobile phone batteries threat. "Because the brand charger output and the input power is not necessarily the same, so the use of different types of charger charge the phone may cause current instability, likely loss or damage to the battery."


So what is the correct charging safe? Master Lin said that in addition to using the original charger, the frequent charge-discharge shallow depth of charge and discharge than help extend battery life, do not think much will damage the battery charging times This statement does not apply to lithium-ion batteries. So, good habits is the opportunity to plug in the charging, charge to almost to unplug.

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