Lipstick Power Bank

- Apr 28, 2017-

 Lipstick power bank

As we know , most of girls like Makeup .Since  Makeup can make girls look more beautiful , they will be more confident . i also like Makeup very much  , but  I think remover is a very troublesome thing . so I don’t Makeup every day . I do l make up only when I play to go out for fun with my friends .Makeup need to use a lot of tools , such as : mascara, Eyeliner, Blush, eyebrow pencil, Powder etc , of course lipstick is the  most important . If you want to have a fine makeup, a  nice lipstick is essential .There have many colors of lipstick for you choose , rose red is my favorite . Interestingly, Our company have a lipstick power bank . They are very beautiful and smart . 

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