Knowledge About Power Banks

- Jan 09, 2017-

Today I'd like to share with you some knowledge about power banks as below.Sincerely hope it is helpful for you:

  1. Is it safe to charge for mobile phones with power banks?

    -Yes,but must use qualified power banks.Some factories produce power banks with bad quality materials,no protection in circuit,it's very dangerous;

  2. What is the voltage/current of output of power banks?

    -5V 1A.Now there is also the fast charging power bank with 5V 2A or 5V 2.1A;

  3. Is 2A output power bank harmful for mobile phone;

    -If your mobile phones can support 2A output,just a little affect to mobile phones' battery,almost can be ignored;

  4. If there is heat when charging for cell phones with power banks?

    -Yes,a little,since the components and parts of power banks have resistance.While if you feel unusual heat,then must stop charging immediately;

  5. If we can take power banks by air?

    -Yes.The conditions include:a.Power banks are good quality,no abrasion; b.Factory should mark the correct voltage and current of power banks; c.Capacity of power banks are not higher than 20000mah; d.The power is less than 100w,each passenger can take 2pcs power banks.If it is 100w-160w,only can take 1pc power bank; e.The power bank should be taken by yourself,cannot be consigned.

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