It's Been A Year Since We Left School

- Dec 14, 2016-

My name is Julia , 22 years old this year .Last year ,  I and my classmates began to work .  it’s been a year since we left school . Yesterday , we discuss  in our class group of QQ .  Every one of us has a different job , but most of us are working in a foreign trade company . I am a foreign trade sales woman also .Although we sell different products ,actually the  nature of work is the same ,most of us sell electronic product , such as power bank , led light , mobile phone ,USB data cable  etc . Also , there a  few people engaged in Japanese translation work . Be a translator isn’t very sample ,so I envy them very much ,but at most time , I am satisfied with my current work . As a sales , I sell power bank ,battery charger case , car jump starter etc .I  am  enjoyed with this work ,since I like making friends with foreigners  and learn different culture and customs  from all over the world .It’s really an interesting thing that talk with my foreign friends .

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