Hottest Mobike 2016

- Dec 23, 2016-

What is the most successful technology in China 2016?Yes,its mobike.It is developing very fast,you can see mobikes everywhere in Shenzhen.For office workers,it's very convenient and economic way.In summary,why is so hot:


  1. 1.Adopt rechargeable battery,and when you ride a bike,it will automatically create energy,bike move quickly;

  2. 2.Very easy to find a mobike,just download App,scan any one of the mobikes,and when you arrive at your office,lock with your APP instead of key,save much time for office workers,and it is also very popular in universities,and also you can travel around in Shenzhen;

3.Low cost: Only RMB0.5-RMB1 for half an hour;

4.It's difficult to lose your mobike,there are several GPS trackers;


We learnt from news there will be such kind of cars,which kind of battery will be used?It's really so amazing and exciting.

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