Health Is More Important Than Money

- Dec 15, 2016-

This afternoon I met a customer from Bangladesh.We talked too much,about age,emotion ,economic situation and so on.The most  impressed me is he said he wanted to come to China, but did not have enough money.So he invited me to his country, but I also said did not have enough money.

He said that money is the big problem for middle class family.Yes,money is very important for us. There is a saying “Money is a panacea, you can not do anything if without money.Then I told him work hard,we will become more and more stronger.

I would like to state another point of view is more important than money is happy and healthy.No matter we have a lot of money or less,we need to keep a healthy body and happy alive,or how can I sell more power banks/car jump starters/battery to you?

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