Good Quality 20000mAh High Capacity Power Bank For Ipad Laptop Mobile Phone AMJ-M110

- Oct 14, 2016-

As most of our old partners' requirements,recently we successfully opened a new mold for 20000mAh high capacity power bank,which is not only for all kinds of mobile phone like Iphone/Samsung/HTC/Xiaomi...but also can be used for Ipad and mini laptop.After testing for some days,we totally confirm it's high quality and stable quality.So we'd like to recommend you as below:


* Model name: AMJ-M110

* Material: Aluminium shell+Oxidation

* 4LED indicators 

* Li-polymer battery  

* New patent product,Intelligently recognize IC,3 USB ports charging

* Input:DC 5V/2A

* Out 1:DC 5V/1A Out 2:DC 5V/2.1A Out 3:DC 5V/2.4A   9V/1.67A 12V/1.2A

* Out 1 and Out 2 suit for Samsung/Iphone/HTC,Ipad,etc;Out 3 suits for Samsung S6/Xiaomi,Ipad,mini laptop,etc


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