Fortune From Power Bank Sales'hand

- Dec 02, 2016-

Recently my Alibaba power bank sales team love to cast their fortune from their right hand.One of my Singapore old partner learnt how to cast a person's fortune via hand.I took a photo of my right hand and sent him,he predicted I can make lots of money,while because of my hot-headed character,sometimes will make wrong decision.My marriage is not so smooth...Most of my travelling will be pending,since I cannot lay down my job or something...It's very accuarte.My girls have much interest in it,who are selling power banks/18650 battery/polymer battery pack/car jump Alibaba,they sent images of their hands to check,to ask their marriage/wealth/character...It's amazing,since in China,only old people trust it,we always call it superstition.But it's really hard to say,these fortune-tellers know much,and 90-95% close of what will be happening to us.

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