Client From Mauritius Visited Our Office

- Nov 14, 2016-

Last Friend I suddenly received a call from my old partner Mr Gaw,who bought cutting plotters from me in last company,he told me he was in last company,and decided to visit our office lator,since he knows our factory produce car jump starters and power banks,his son-in-law helped him to sell power banks,one of his daughter is selling car jump starters.Two hours lator,we drove to office and chat details of our samples.Finally he confirmed an order of AMJ-7101 Xiaomi mobile phone power banks and AMJ-7112 9000mAh capacity power banks,AMJ-Q71 and AMJ-Q82 18000mAh car jump starters.It's a wonderful meeting,we remembered some story before,finally we eat some Chinese special food like pancake,dumplings...

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