- Mar 21, 2017-

To provide your flashlights with high-capacity power sources AMEEC offers you only the best batteries of different types. Most reliable and trustworthy power elements used commonly in flashlights are lithium batteries CR123A and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries 18650. They supply the most powerful devices as flashlights and cameras with reliable delivery and provide long run-times. 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery is generally used in professional high-grade flashlights as they offer maximal capacity for most energy-consuming products. We offer you unprotected and protected 18650 batteries that can be safely used in flashlights. A protected Li-Ion battery integrates a special electronic circuit which secures it from full discharge, short circuit and overcharge. Protected 18650 Li-Ion batteries provide safe and effective operation for powerful flashlights that work at high amperage.

 18650 Li-ion battery-33.JPG

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