Asahi Faction Battery Technology Innovation-driven Rapid Development

- Nov 10, 2015-


Electric cars as people's daily travel convenient means of transport, by a lot of people's favorite. The electric car battery choice has become the focus of attention. A good electric vehicle batteries, in addition to have excellent support outside power, but also to diversify too much. Green, green, sustainable use of the latest requirements of electric vehicle batteries to cadmium-free green technology as a bright spot Asahi faction battery, a new generation of environmentally friendly batteries representative of the brand.


All along, the deterioration of the environment has become a common problem faced by people around the world. Development and use of various high-tech products, but also on the environment caused some impact. With the deepening awareness of environmental issues, but also tend to choose sustainable use, less pollution to the environment products. Especially electric car batteries, efficient and environmentally friendly products more popular. As the world's high-quality electric car battery leading brand Asahi send batteries strictly technically, developed a cadmium-free green battery, can be applied to electric vehicles, and effectively improve endurance, more energy-saving and environmental protection, guaranteed to work effectiveness.


This proposed new technology, get rid of the electric car battery of environmental pollution on the hat, not only to reduce their pollutants, but also reduce the weight of the vehicle body. After studying Xu faction of the battery, which cadmium-free green battery on a single charge driving distance can be increased by about 20%, and the use of new chemical materials, to ensure that the battery can still stable even at high temperatures, to solve the electric bicycle battery life not strong weaknesses, so that the electric car truly become a convenient tool for daily travel means of transport.


On the other hand, Xu faction battery technology in the domestic industry is also in a leading position. As the world's leading electric car battery supplier, Asahi faction always uphold the concept of excellence in manufacturing, particularly in the development of new technologies, Asahi faction is to guide the domestic high-quality electric vehicle technology direction. Asahi faction developed cadmium-free green technology for electric vehicle batteries, having high energy environmental characteristics, was named Jiangsu famous brand products, won the honorary title of 2013 and a series of Chinese electrical industry's most influential brands.


Currently, Asahi faction battery has more than 500 exclusive agents and more than 15,000 authorized dealers across the country, 80,000 terminal retail outlets. Huge sales and service network allow Asahi faction truly become a household electric car battery brand. Uphold the spirit of technological innovation, we believe that Asahi faction battery will provide more high-quality products for consumers, and lead the industry.

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