Ameec Returned To Work Today

- Oct 08, 2016-

After crazy and relex National Holidays from October 1st to 7th,we returned to work today.Some colleagues went to hometown and enjoy their happy time with their family,we always saw some beautiful scenery in Wechat friends' group.Some of them selected to travel,I am one of them.I went to Foshan and Jiangmen city Guangdong province with my girl friends,we swam in the sea,played bumper cars...The most important thing is we took many interesting photos.Actually this is my first time to travel.I decided to travel one time each year in the following days.Since last four years,I just spent time and energy in work,missed much in my life.It's not too late to change at this time...6 workers stayed in office even in holidays,because many clients bought products from us,like power banks/car jump starters/earphones/battery packs...They must deliver soon as promise to customers.This is the way AMEEC works all the time.

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