Alice Returned,who Just Got Married

- Feb 08, 2017-

Today Mrs Alice returned to work,who is one of sales of my team.She just got married.This time she brought many many delicious candy for us,this is the custom in China,to share their happiness with candy.One of her Germany partner explained his best wishes to her and her husband in WhatsApp,he placed an order with her about some different kinds of mobile phone power banks.Just because she returned to home for her weeding,so his second order for 7100 rechargeable flashlight power banks was delayed.Actually Alice would like to confirm details with his customer in the period of Chinese New Year considering he needs power banks urgently,while he said he can wait.Weeding is very important as his eyes in one's life.So I like German very much,they are not only cautious in work,but also very kind to others,always think much for others.We must cherish the cooperation with them.

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