A New Sweden Client Bought Samples Of H805 And Y901 Credit Card Power Banks Both For Android And For Iphone

- Feb 09, 2017-

Today a new customer from Sweden bought some samples of H805 and Y901 credit card power banks both for Android and for Iphone to check quality,though it's just a sample order,we are still so happy,because this is the second order of our sales team after Chinese New Year.If we have orders everyday,although the purchase quantity is not big,it's a good thing for a company.How do you think of it?

Before I always think Paypal just can receive USD,it's amazing that Paypay can receive Krona,then you can exchange to USD online,it's very fast and convenient to receive foreign currency.

Warmly welcome new customers purchase samples to check quality first,no matter it is power bank or 18650 li ion battery,or lithium polymer battery,or car jump starter...we are looking for long-term partner instead of one time business.

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