A Gift For Mom

- Oct 29, 2016-

I am 22 years old this year , and I have been working for a year . During the school time, i always asked mony from my parents . Sometimes , when i want to buy beautiful clothes and good cosmetics , i have no extra money to buy it . That made me upset .so i am very happy for that i can earn money by myself . So that i can buy many beautiful clothes and eat delicious food .Regrettably, i never buy something for my parents. So i decided to buy a new mobile phone for my mom as a gift .i bought the new mobile phone last weekend , when she received the gift she is so happy . I teach her how to use the new phone . She learns new things very quickly . Now , she knows how to Listen songs with earphone and how to charge the phone with power bank . I am very happy that my mom like it . I will work harder ,learn lots of money . So i can buy more present for my parents .

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