18650 Lithium Ion Battery

- Dec 27, 2016-

The cycle life of 18650 battery is around 500 times,the diameter is 18mm,length is 65mm,so why it is called 18650.18650 battery is widely used in glare flashlight,hea lamp,medical equipments,power banks,electronic cigarette,interphone,MP3...Now it's useful in industry,as time going on,it will also be used in family,like charging for induction cooker,notebook,electric cooker...There are 3 kinds of 18650 battery,include 18650 lithium ion battery,18650 lithium iron phosphate battery,ni-mh battery.18650 li ion battery is the most popular one in market.As professional manufacturer of 18650 battery and lithium polymer battery in Shenzhen China,a city develop rapidly,especially for electronic products, with huge information,our price is quite competitive,service is comfortable,quality is reliable.Any interest to know more,contact our sales team now!

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