16G 32G Jacket Battery For Iphone Mobile Phone

- Nov 05, 2016-

These two days we communicated with an overseas Chinese about our 16G 32G jacket battery charger power bank for Iphone mobile phones,who is living in German for 8 years.We started with some business,he is selling products in Ebay and Amazon,ranks NO.1 now.He totally agree with our boss's idea about business and life,so now they are very good friends,always meet in German and China.This time he confirmed the order for our hottest power bank case V8-4 V8-3 V8-2,Iphone jacket battery charger power bank.He told as it is very popular in their market,young is addicted to a game,some focus places can help to catch more monsters,so they need a portable power bank outside.Then we recommended our new patent car air cleaner AMJ-G01,he is so interested in it and trusts there is demand in Europe market...They comment our colleagues that we are reliable and responsible.We together had many kinds of delicious local food,like Zheli resturant from Zhejiang,Feiteng fresh beef from Chaoshan,Jiumaojiu noodles from Jiangxi...

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