Company History

EVEWHER is a professional manufacturer of storage battery and automotive power battery for more than 10 years, Our company mainly focuses on R&D, manufacturing, production and marketing of storage battery systems and automotive power battery systems.

EVEWHER established in 2008 year, at the beginning, we mainly run electrical products, start from 2014 year, we focus on battery products, hereafter, we specialized in this field.


In 2017 year, we started to build our own factory, Hunan Evewher New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and located in Loudi High-tech Development Zone, Hunan Province. Our factory has completely independent intellectual property rights in the core technology of material system design, product development and manufacturing. We have applied for approval of 31 patents and are currently applying for 106 patents. Our factory will set up a large-scale engineering R&D center with more than 600 employees, covering areas from battery cell materials, battery cells processing control and equipment R&D, to battery pack system development, and waste battery recycling.


In Oct 2018, our factory will put into production. Monthly production capacity will reach to 1000000 pcs.


Also, we plan to build new company in Canada in 2019 year, Canada Huafeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd’ business scope mainly focus on assemble and market graphene wide-temperature lithium-ion storage battery packs in Canada. Along to sell graphene wide-temperature lithium-ion Automotive power battery and high-end graphene lithium ions. Digital battery supplemented by business.