Cell Phone Replacemen Battery for Iphone 6S

Cell Phone Replacemen Battery for Iphone 6S

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Product Details

       Mobile phone replacement battery for iPhone 6S

1. Double IC (high-quality and low ESR)
2. Recycle 500-800 times 
3. Standard voltage same as battery
4. Protection against short circuit and anti-explosion protection
5. High-capacity battery extends the standby time and talk time
6. Anti-overcharge protection and against over-current protection
7. Dual IC protection design ensures the safety and extends the battery's life
8. Low resistance and energy saving, circulation increased by 30%
9. Green battery, environment-friendly materials pass RoHS Directive-compliant/CE/MSDS/UN38.3/EMC Certified, lead-free technology, recyclable
Original capacity: 1715mAh 
Actually capacity: 1715mAh ±50mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.82V
Limited charge voltage: 4.3V
Battery size: (2.9 ±0.2)*(36 ±0.5)*(96 ±1)mm
Warranty: 12 months



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