22.2V 18Ah Battery Pack for E-bike

22.2V 18Ah Battery Pack for E-bike

High performance  6S6P 22.2V 18Ah Lithium-ion Battery Backup for Motorcycle. The battery pack usually includes high end battery cells, PCM, label, electric wires and connectors, all parameters related are customized according to your request.

Product Details

Battery cell model 18650
 Combination 6S6P+PCM
 Nominal voltage 22.2V
 Nominal capacity 18Ah
 Standard discharge current 0.2C
 Max discharge current 1C
 Standard charge current 0.2C
 Fast charge current 0.5C
 Inner resistance 320mohm
 Over discharge cut off voltage/series 2.4 ± 0.06V
 Over charge protection voltage/series 3.65± 0.03V
 Discharge working temperature -20-60°C
 Charge working temperature 0-45°C
 Recommended storage temperature 23 ± 5°C
 Flow value 15A
 Weight 1.8kg
 Size 170*79*70mm

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